Venez vivre une journée inoubliable à bord de nos bateaux hors bord confortables, homologués 14 personnes , avec à l'avant un bain de soleil pour la détente. Une excursion magnifique sur les côtes de la Guadeloupe.


Adresse : port de sainte-rose, Sainte-Rose 97115, Guadeloupe - 97115 Sainte-Rose
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  • Lucian Dinovici Mercredi 15 janvier à 02h45

    Great experience. The best boat trip on the island, especially for snorkeling. We have had other boat trips afterwards but nothing compared to it. We had 5 great stops with bery interesting things to see and the best host ever!

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  • Ioana Neagu Jeudi 09 janvier à 22h52

    This was the best boat trip ever! The captain was very friendly and gave all of us an experience to remember! Lots of fun and lot of unique information about the area. Strongly reccommend to look for them in st rose harbour and enjoy a beautiful trip.

    Source : Google Places
  • Alexandra Dinovici Jeudi 09 janvier à 22h35

    The best trip we have ever had. The atmosphere was awesome, the itinerary for snorkeling and bathing was incredible. We had the best time ever. We also received some very good punch in the natural pool in the middle of the sea. Totally recommend it! Totally worthy to put it on the top of your list for your things to do in Guadeloupe!

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  • tzipirig2005 Jeudi 09 janvier à 22h34

    Best boat trip on the island. I recommend it to everyone!

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  • Catalina Alexa Jeudi 09 janvier à 22h34

    best boat trip on this island! the atmosphere was awesome and we had a great time and fantastic views!

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