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  • MATTIA NORBIATO Dimanche 13 septembre à 19h28

    Super nice staff, we had nice experience kayaking for the first time! Easy to do and exhaustive explanation from the funny staff before leaving. 5 stars!

    Source : Google Places
  • Bianca Gridean Samedi 18 juillet à 21h40

    Good experience, the staff was very helpful. Only bad parts, that you should keep in mind: 1. You can't pay by card on the spot. 2. To pay by card, you have to go on the site; but the site loads very slowly...and you might have to do it twice. Otherwise, good experience, with very nice staff that offer explanations ( in English too).

    Source : Google Places
  • v D Vendredi 19 juin à 21h50


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  • Laura BERNARDET Lundi 26 août à 13h41

    Nous avons loué un canoë biplace : très bonne expérience. Matériel nickel et accueil chaleureux.

    Source : Google Places
  • Christopher Collins Vendredi 28 décembre à 21h50

    Romy is wonderfully talented at his job. We had an excellent half day abseiling and rock climbing with friends and Romy. For any native English speakers out there, his English is excellent - fully fluent - and he is very funny. Having done this type of activity before, what really impressed me was that Romy allows you (if you want to) to learn for yourself. For example, how to safely secure carabiners. Of course, he always double checks to ensure you are safe, but he genuinely wants to impart his expert knowledge. The views he can show you of the Mediterranean are second to none. I fully recommend him.

    Source : Google Places
  • Celine lemon Vendredi 28 décembre à 21h37

    We spent a fantastic morning absailing and rock climbing with Romy in the Calanques of La Ciotat. Romy is a very experienced local guide with a deep knowledge of the area. He’s fluent in English and made us feel welcome immediately. I was a complete beginner to this, and he made me feel completely safe and I can’t wait to try this again!

    Source : Google Places
  • Andre Eskandar Vendredi 14 décembre à 03h01

    Best activity to do in la ciotat and it's provided by the nicest people in the small coastal city.

    Source : Google Places
  • Patrick Montanari Samedi 21 juillet à 14h25

    Top !

    Source : Google Places
  • Andre Eskandar Dimanche 20 mai à 12h08

    Best activity to do in la ciotat and it's provided by the nicest people in the small coastal city.

    Source : Google Places

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