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With this tour package my florestour offer you the premium version to discover komodo island and all the breathtaking landscapes around the islands. This is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. Experience world largest lizards in their natural habitat on Rinca and Komodo island. Discover the wonderful panorama of Padar island. Relax / swim on stunning pink beach and snorkling in manta ray point. Enjoy the most beautiful sundown in the world around the islands.
From the beginning to the end of each tour, you will always be accompanied by an experienced and very well qualified Myflores tour guides and drivers. 
All our tours are conducted in English, professionally operated in insured AC quality vehicles.
Tour program
Start point tour : Labuan Bajo
End point tour  : Labuan Bajo
Duration:  4 days / 3 nights
Day 1: Labuan Bajo-Kelor island -Rinca island- Kalong island.
One of our well experienced myflorestour guide and driver pick you up around 07:30 in the morning. Transfer from your hotel to the harbour with AC car.  When you just arriving Flores island with a flight from Bali or some other island it is possible to pick you up at the airport right in time. After arrival at the harbor we start the crossing to Kelor island with the booked boat type.  There is time enough for  snorkeling and relaxation. Myflorestour offer you the equipement for snorkeling. After these hours we have our lunch on the way to Rinca island. 
On these charming island we are going to start our tour on rinca trail into Komodo national park. Park rangers will accompany you during your tour in the park. For  your own safety and health, please follow the instructions of Park Ranger.  Take a walk through the typical dry forest on Rinca in the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, the mixed vegetation provides a habitat for various animals, such as mane deer, wild water buffalo, pigs, wild boars and long-tailed macaques that feed on various leaves, fruits, flowers, roots and grasses found in the National Park.
Learn about the park's best-known predator, the notorious Komodo dragon, whose menu features all the animals in the area! Komodo National Park is the only region where the world's largest warans can be found. These giants can grow up to 3 meters long and weigh up to 150 kg. Do not worry - with your myflorestour guide and the park rangers you are always safe!
Lunch, coffee or tea will be served on boat while we  continue to Kalong island for overnight. Boat comes with AC cabin as default. Open cabins available  on request.
Enjoy the beautiful sunset onboard  on Kalong island and see the thoushands of flying fox. Enjoy your dinner which also served on boat. 
Day 2: Kalong island-Padar island -Komodo island - manta point
Early in the morning we start our crossing to Padar island. Breakfast will serve on the way to Padar island. After arrival we start just a short trekking to the top of Padar island where you have a stunning view above the island. After a short walk you will be on the famous pink beach for relaxation and snorkeling. Myflorestour offer you the equipment for it. Experience one of the worlds richest underwater wildlife and see wonderful coral reefs and many many colorful fish. After these unforgettable hours we start crossing to Komodo island for the last stop. Lunch will be served onboard while crossing. Last highlight is a afternoon trekking on komodo island to see the komodo dragons there. Park rangers will accompany you during your tour in the park. For your own safety and health, please follow the instructions of park rangers. We will finish the day with dinner onboard and overnight onboard on the sea around Komodo island.
Day 3: Komodo island-Gili Lawa island-Manta point- Kanawa island- Labuan Bajo
Early in the morning we crossing to Gili Lawa island. Myflorestour is proud to offer tours to these natural beauties.Due to the diversity of underwater life, the small island of Gili Lawa Laut in Komodo National Park Indonesia is the Elysium for divers and snorkelers. Gili Lawa Laut attracts many tourists like a magnet because it is famous for its beautiful bays with crystal clear waters and rolling green hills. The island is part of the Lesser Sunda islands which is an archipelago in the Malay Archipelago and is situated in the north of Komodo island. Komodo island and also the other, smaller island Gili Lawa Daret is protected by the Komodo National Park. Like most of the islands in this area, these natural paradises are of volcanic origin. Its overwhelming hills and mountains are very popular for hikers, with breathtaking views from the summit and secluded beaches.
Gili Lawa Laut is uninhabited, but has many trails in the mountains to explore the surrounding area. Above water, the flora and fauna on this island is not quite as impressive as life in the sea. The hills are overgrown with grass and the landscape is beautiful. A paradise for nature lovers and photographers.The most impressive underwater experience on Gili Lawa Laut is by far the number of fish and the size of the schools of fish. Snappers and huge flocks of fusiliers pull along the rocks and give the impression of a never-ending fish highway. Tuna and mackerel have as much choice as sharks. Gray sharks, white tip sharks and blacktip reef sharks can be seen here regularly. In addition, but also big mobula rays, napoleons and dolphins.
On Gili Lawa island we have just a short trekking tour into a beautiful sunrise. Followed by breakfast surrounded by stunning nature. Then we continue to manta point for snorkeling and relaxing. Just enjoy nature around you. Next step is crossing to Kanawa island. Lunch will serve on way to Kanawa island. Enjoy this tiny little island pearl and its beautiful beach. Experience outstanding underwater wildlife with some snorkeling. Myflorestour offer you the snorkeling equipment. In the afternoon we crossing back to Labuan Bajo. After arrival in Labuan Bajo your myflorestour driver transfering  you to the booked hotel.
Day 4: Labuan Bajo city tour-Traditional market-Stone mirror cave - Airport
Myflorestour driver picks you up in the morning and we starting our tour around Labuan Bajo city. Discover the traditional market with all its local fruits, meat and delicacies. Enjoy the huge offer and taste the traditional Indonesian cuisine. After this memorizable experience we going to batu cermin village. Here you can see the famous stone mirror cave.
Batu Cermin cave is set within an impressive prominent rock formation near Labuan Bajo. Through a hole in the cave, rays of light find their way into the cave’s inside walls where they perform a spectacular show of reflected sunlight. This fascinating effect is caused by some slick, mirror-like rock surfaces that reflect the light. Hence the cave’s name, Batu Cermin, which means ‘mirror rock’ in Indonesian. Enjoy all these impressions.After lunch break your myflorestour driver transfering  you to the airport.
1-2 persons = 600 USD per person
3-4 persons = 550 USD per person
5-6 persons = 500 USD per person
7-x persons = on request

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Treking shoes, sun lotion, personal needs,extra money

Attention :
Service include

Entrance fees
Food breakfast lunch and dinner
AC car
AC boat/ non AC depend on request
Cofee and tea, and snack
Local fruit
Snorkeling equipment
Mineral water

Service Excludealcoholic drinks, insurance, tips

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