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The level 4 surf course is a pack of 10 surf lessons.  
On the beginner surf course level 1 you will learn all the basics of surfing as:

Basic exercises for warming up and mobility;
The “pop up”;
identify rips and currents;
Handling the surfboard in a safe way;
How to read and select waves;
Surfing a "green wave";
Have the proper stance on the surfboard;
Surf rescue exercises;
non verbal language;
surf spot analysis;
risck management;
surf frontside and backside;
surf "etiquete";
Choose the best board for you.

comfortable clothing for the day
swim suit
something light to eat
willingness to learn

We pack as much fun and value as possible into every minute of our surf lessons. We want you to surf, catch waves and stand up — not just hang out in the ocean.All our lessons include: wetsuit, board, leash, wax, fins, rash guard, insurance, explanation about the surf spot, ocean safety and land practise.One-hour in the ocean, catching waves with an experienced instructor who will be providing positive feedback and ecouregement all times.

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