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The famous Orpheum theatre suddenly shut its door in strange circumstances. No one knew what really happened. There were rumours that people went missing over the years. The police were investigating each missing case but didn’t find any clue or evidence of what really occurred. The mystery says that the two prop runner (Brown and Bob) were responsible of the disappearances. The theatre closed down as well the investigations and no one find out the truth. But Brown and Bob have never left the theatre. Years later the theatre had been transformed into an apartment building hence lots of closed part of it was left untouched… Solve the mystery of the bloody theatre! What really happened in there? Be careful not to disappear!!!Can you escape? Was really Bob and Brown responsible for the events happened in Orpheum theatre! Where are the killers? Maybe they’re hiding in the next corner? Watch out where you are going! You might never going to make out alive!
The age limit in this room is 14 years old

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The horrific history of the Orpheum Theatre