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Soar 190 meters above the base of the Valley with our Zipline. Adrenaline is guaranteed. Book now!
In order to zip over the valley, you can either choose to be seated, or decide for a more advanced approach by being suspended horizontally. Secured with a harness you will glide along a cable that connects both canyons of the Navisence.
Similar to the earliest Ziplines of South America, a wooden fork is used in order to break and regulate your speed on the zipline. However, the fun doesn’t stop at the end of the Zipline; a breathtakig walk over the suspension bridge lays ahead.
Some call it Tyrolina or flying fox, others call it canopy. Here in the French region of Switzerland we call it „Tyrolienne“. 
At a speed of 50 km/h you will glide along a 220 m long Cable that is overlooking the canyon and suspended parallel to the bridge.
Walk back across the bridge or for an extra ounce of Adrenaline, choose to end the Zipline with a bungy jump on your way back. Like every other attraction at our BUNGY NIOUC Adventure Park the Zipline is exciting and unique.

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Age: 8 and up

Attention :
Condition : Adventurous curiosity and courage

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Adresse : Bungy Niouc, 3960 Chandolin

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