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From the jump platform 190 meters, Rope Jump is a B.A.S.E Jump simulator assisted by ropes. The free fall is 80 meters long and you can really feel the air on your entire body!
The tension takes place at the dorsal level approaching the skydiving.
The Rope Jump is a way to feel the free fall as a jump from B.A.S.E Jump.
It also allows you to work on different exercises: static start, current start, control handle (extractor pull), back flow, track setting, aerials, tracksuit ...
Simply book online, and come to the bar / reception in the Niouc Park 15 minutes before your appointmentPlease note that your reservation is final. The date and time cannot be changed.The voucher is non-refundable.
Your ticket (on phone or paper), friends, good mood and confortable clothes

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Adresse : Pont de Niouc, Chandolin, Suisse,

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