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If you have a gift voucher, wish to pay in cash or need a different time window, contact us by phone at +41794472800.
Bungy Niouc offers one of the most beautiful Bungee Jumps on earth from the „Spiderbridge“ near Niouc in Valais, Switzerland. Our Bungy Niouc Station has been operating since 1997.
Visit our Adventure Park and see it for yourself! The walk to the jumping point is an experience in itself. Our Bungee Jump pictures and videos can only capture a fraction of the real-life experience.
Standing in the middle of the breathtaking valley of Val d’Anniviers, surrounded by five 4000 meter high mountains, with a flowing stream 200 meters beneath you, the snowtipped Matterhorn in front of you and Crans Montana behind you... the Bungee Jump is the cherry on top.
Believe us, its perfect!
With about 320 days of sun per year, you are sure to have a picture perfect experience during your visit.
You will be one with nature. No man made structures behind you.
Our crew has obtained years of professional experience and, of course, your safety is 100% guaranteed. As EUROBUNGY, we have provided Bungee Jumps to customers Worldwide since 1997.
In Niouc, located in the Val d'Anniviers (Valais-Switzerland) the highest Bungee Jumping from a suspended bridge in Europe.
In addition to the famous Bungee Jump we offer a variety of other activities. Whether you are only taking a day trip or looking to spend your entire vacation with us, our collection of activities is sure to provide you with an exciting pastime.

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Eligibility: Age: 16 to 70 years. Weight: Men 45 - 115kg, Women: 45 - 85kg. Minors: written approval & copy of an identity document of legal guardian. Over 60 years: mandatory medical certificate dated within the previous month stating non contraindication. Non contraindication for the bungy (see bellow list) and, in case of doubt, a medical certificate dated within the previous month stating non contraindication will be requested.

Attention :
If you have a gift voucher, wish to pay in cash or need a different time window, contact us by phone at +41794472800. Your reservation is final. The date and time are not changeable. The voucher is non-refundable. BUNGY CONTRAINDICATIONS (This list is indicative and not limiting) CARDIOVASCULAR: coronary or heart disorder - previous heart surgery. OSTEOARTICULAR & MUSCULAR: previous spinal surgery - disc herniation - cervicobrachial disorder - bone loss (osteoporosis, bone disease, ...) - hyperlaxity - previous hip dislocation - meniscal disorder - hip, knee, leg prosthesis, - rupture or operation of a cruciate knee ligament < 9 months or with complication - fractured clavicle, hip, rib or upper or lower limbs < 9 months or < 12 months if operated on or with complication - sprained upper or lower limb < 3 months or with complication - rupture or injury to Achilles tendon < 12 months or with complication - muscle strain or tear < 3 months or with complication - previous skull or vertebrae fracture - whiplash < 4 months or with complication. NEUROLOGICAL: epilepsy - previous cerebral intervention - alcoholism - taking toxins, drugs or psychotropic medication before the jump. EAR, NOSE & THROAT: balance disorders, central or peripheral (Ménière’s Disease...). CHEST & RESPIRATORY: previous pneumothorax. ABDOMINAL: abdominal hernias. OPHTHALMIC: surgery < 5 months - previous retinal detachment - myopia > 5 diopters. PREGNANCY: at any stage of the pregnancy - < 9 months following Caesarean delivery.

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Adresse : Route d’Anniviers - 3960 Niouc, 3960 Chandolin

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