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The hotel staff is talking about mysterious supernatural powers that possess the room 501. From the first day that the room worked, they have disappeared 56 residents, without any reasonable explanation. The room had remained closed for a long time.
But your persistence made the manager to allow your entry to the room in order to investigate it. You have only an hour at your disposal. Beware though, because time is running out quickly and you risk staying imprisoned in a parallel dimension! A mystical story, a room that no one has managed to survive. Will you make it?

Veuillez apporter avec vous :
IMPORTANT: - Customers with a Groupon voucher must bring the voucher with the security code on the day of the game or they can send it before via e-mail to [email protected];
- Underage players must show an authorization signed by their parents/tutors

Attention :
WARNING: To book at 00:30, you must choose from the calendar the following day being after midnight (so if you want to come Saturday at 00:30 pm at night you have to choose from the Sunday calendar and book the first time at the top )

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Adresse : Via Pasquale Paoli, 1, 22100 Como CO, Italia, 22100 Como

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