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Can you close "The Magic Portal" together and explore the city?
Modern sightseeing and interactive iPad scavenger hunt across Palma for the whole family, friends and/or team events on Mallorca in one.
Would you like to explore the sights of the city in a playful way or simply escape the everyday life on the island? The world is hauntedby evil forces and plunged into chaos. On the way to fultill your destiny, you reveal hidden secrets and experience unique adventures. Armed with an iPad and the ActionPack (bag with special gaming equipment), you'll go on an novel treasure hunt inclusive sightseeing across Palma on foot. Speak with mythical creatures, solve tricky puzzles and find invisible treasures.
Can you help the "Balearic Goblins" protect the island?
Together with your team you will experience a new dimension of playing. Navigate similar to geocaching with your group via GPS to secret and interesting places in Palma and solve exciting tasks in the team. Use the different items of the ActionPack skillfully and open the legendary tools. With the help of the latest augmented reality technology you can talk to virtual avatars and open magical treasure chests. Immerse yourself in an exciting story and a new world in which reality and fiction merge! Experience an unforgettable adventure with your family, friends and colleagues - fun and teamwork guaranteed!
CITY ADVENTURE combines the best elements of scavenger hunt, GPS geocaching and live escape game with the latest augmented reality technology to create a new GPS outdoor team game. The game principle: Players go to places in a city, find clues, combine items and solve tricky puzzles to solve their mission. With real-life virtual avatars and tricky ActionPack™ puzzles, the CITY ADVENTURE is a unique adventure fun for the whole family, friends and colleagues.
The last hope rests on you!

Veuillez apporter avec vous :
-Weatherproof clothing

Attention :
-Please be there 15 minutes before the start of the game for the initiation.

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Adresse : Carrer Sant Miquel, 8, Palma, Spanien, 07002 Palma

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