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Somewhere in Nowhere, there is an unexpected Oasis. Your swimming pool, surrounded by treesand bushes, is right inside the dry savannah near Boma and Moshi. Cristal clear warm water invitesyou to take a bath, swim and explore this unbelievable beautiful area or take the rope and try to dothe “jump of the day”.If you just want to relax, come and take place in that natural spa, and let the doctor fish explore yourfeet.After swimming its time for a cold Kilimanjaro Beer or a fresh soda, and freshly made fries, just plainor as an omelette or with fresh barbecue.We pick you up at 8:00 in the morning in your Hotel/Hostel in Arusha/Arusha Area and take you tothe CAPTUFRE TANZANIA base in Usa River, where we explain the day while serving a delicious freebreakfast. With our comfortable van we go to Boma, where we jump into a Bajaj (TukTuk) for anamazing ride through the savannah, which ends at the amazing hot springs.Now its refreshment time, before we serve your included snacks (fries or omlette, barbecue possiblebut not included, cheap to purchase). At around 2:00 pm we go back to Boma, while trying to catch alook on wonderful Kilimanjaro, and watching the Masai bringing home their catlle. Make sure to havean extra ssd card with your camera ͧͨͩͪOut of the Bajaj and in to our air-conditioned van, where cold water, soda ad beer is waiting for you,while the driver starts our ride to Moshi. In Moshi you may join our guide or explore the city on yourown, must sees will be told on the ride. At latest 5:30 we meet at Moshi Train Station, where we willsit right on the platform, enjoy cold drinks, and watch the sunset on Kilimanjaro. We swear, it’s thebest place in Moshi for that natural spectacle, when the clouds you might have seen all day aroundthe rocks give free the majestic Kilimanjaro.Now its already 6:00 pm, its getting dark soon, and it’s up to you: Have a barbecue in Moshi, visit TPCBar at Moshi Golf court and have a delicious dinner, or join us at CAPTURE TANZANIA base, for arelaxed barbecue beside our pool, and some delicious drinks and cocktails.This enjoyable daytrip is yours for 64,--€ which is currently arround 77,5 Dollar (07.12.2020)FOR ONE SINGLE pERSON THERE IS AN ADITIONAL CHARGE OF 10 DOLLAR PAYABLE AT TOUR DAY:That means we even ride with one person as planned but take an little extra charge. As soon that we found another person joining, there will be no extra charge.Included: FREE BREAKFAST, unlimited drinking water, snack for lunch (excluded optional barbecue),snacks on the road, entrance fee to Chemka Hot Springs, transport by van and bajaj, one beer orsoda at moshi train station.

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