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Arusha National Park is our "Home Park" because Capture Tanzania is located close to the park gate. So we start our day with an early breakfast at 08:00 am at our headquarter. Who is not hosted by us, will be picked up at 7 in Arusha Area. Need a pick up from Moshi direction? Call or whatsapp us before booking at+255 767 170 135 to fix a pick up point.
At 8;00 we start our tour through amazing nature at Mount Meru, A must is the spectacular walking safari which brings you closer to the animals then you've propably been ever before. It feels like giving high five to Mr. and Mrs Giraffe, you will never forget it. The walking Safari is included in our package. Later you'll have the oportunity to do some kanoeinbg, which has to be payed extra.
Arusha National Park is not known as one of the top parks, but we love it and it's walking safari, which can't be done that way in any other park, due to missing lions in ANP. Come close to nature and capture the moment, capture Tanzania.
The tour includes breakfast at our headquarter, Lunchbox, gamedrive, walking safari. (about 2 hours), Transfer from Arusha (from Moshi ask before booking, we find a way)
Not included: any other other activities like canoeing or others, flights, accomodation, souvenirs etc
Good shoesInsect repellant
You might see Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, Antilopes, Monkeys, Leopards, Buffalos but it is nature, not a Zoo, so there is never a guarentee.

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